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Administration & Stewardship Ministry



The mission of this ministry is to serve Christ by faithfully managing the given resources of the church, its funds, belongings, and records. It endeavors to glorify God by utilizing those gifts for the purpose of furthering His kingdom. (Luke 16:10-13)


Board of Directors

The Board of Directors (BOD) of Shiloh Baptist Church will strive to be innovative and evaluative in our governance as we work cooperatively with the church ministry teams. Our vision is to build and maintain a healthy church that balances all areas of ministry as we serve Christ and others. Our church mission will be our guiding light as we operate according to our Constitution and Bylaws, strategizing for the future, as we assist our church in reaching its full potential for Christ. Glorifying God by reaching, building and serving others will remain our focus as we move forward to new and exciting challenges. We will be supportive and encouraging through the practices of good stewardship and teamwork with all ministry teams, as we all move together in harmony to do the work we have been called to execute.

Accounting Team

Financial Secretary Team

The purpose of this team is to glorify God by serving the church.  This team maintains accurate and confidential records of tithes and offerings and reports so that God’s provided financial gifts to the church are best used to further His kingdom.  The team provides out-reach to families, to notify them of contributions in memory/honor of their loved ones.

Teller Team

The teller team counts, categorizes and safeguards monies collected by the church for the purposes of glorifying God.  These bookkeeping services enable the church to reach, build and serve others.  (2 Cor. 9:7-8)  Specifically, the teller team provides accurate financial management services by processing all incoming monies from tithes, offerings, gifts, reimbursements and building use deposits.  Complete and thorough deposit reports (“Teller Report”) will be prepared and delivered to the Treasurer Team, Financial Secretary Team and Office Manager to meet their needs.  Strict confidentiality will be enforced at all times. 

Treasurer Team

The Treasurer Team applies, manages, documents and reports the use of the church’s (God’s) money as directed by the Board of Directors. The team provides the church with an accurate representation of its financial status by providing useful and understandable reports at business meetings and as requested.  It provides helpful recommendations to the Board of Directors based upon the status of the church funds as needed.  It performs accounting functions, keeping records of funds received and expended.

Property Management Team

Cemetery Team

The Cemetery Team handles requests for burial sites and marks grave sites for Funeral Director Records Burials. They also maintain records and drawings of the Shiloh cemetery and help family members locate plots.

Buildings and Grounds Team

The purpose of the building and grounds team is to maintain and care for the church facilities and property (excluding the cemetery) in a way that will honor the Lord and provide ministry opportunities for God’s church. (1 Cor. 12:12-20) God has richly blessed Shiloh Baptist Church with beautiful and useful facilities.  Based on the biblical principle regarding stewardship, we believe that we have a responsibility to maintain and care for these facilities in a way that will honor the Lord and support the mission and vision of the church.  The building and grounds team recognizes that there are many needs in the church to support the many ministries and teams within the church.  We also recognize that there will always be limited resources of budget, time and personal skills, hence priorities must be set for those functions which can be provided by the team and those that must be contracted outside the church.  We recognize that these priorities will change year to year as the needs of the church change and as the skills and talents of the team change.  With limited resources, the building and grounds team must balance the needs of the many ministries with the resources available each year.  We recognize that not all major maintenance items of the church facilities can be predicted each year, hence the team must plan and manage its budget for such contingencies in mind.         

Documents & Records Team

Clerk Team

Description TBD

Constitution and Bylaws Team

This team helps the church submit to one another (Eph. 5:21), adhere to its mutual decisions, and maintain order amongst the membership (1 Cor. 14:33) by continually updating and verifying with the Clerk Team any changes approved by the church to its Constitution and Bylaws. The team will continually review the relevance of all areas of the Constitution and Bylaws and communicate with the body when matters are outdated or in conflict with the expressed needs of the church. It will publish all amendments, provide copies to new members, and maintain a copy of each team's ministry manual.

History Team

Description TBD

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