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Our Beliefs

Statement of Beliefs

As documented in Article III of our Constitution ("State of our Beliefs"), we believe in the Trinity, the virgin birth, the redemptive ministry of Jesus Christ for all men, the hope of the believer's resurrection made possible by the resurrection of Jesus Christ, and the ultimate triumph of our Lord over sin and death. In addition to these great truths, we hold the following fundamental beliefs:

  1. The Lordship of Jesus Christ - He alone is the high priest and ultimate authority in all matters of life and faith for the believer.
  2. The Supremacy of the Scriptures - We believe that the Holy Bible is the inspired Word of God and agree to accept it as our only rule of faith and practice. The Bible, which can be read by all, is supreme over all manmade creeds.
  3. The Priesthood of Believers - Every person can approach God directly through Christ, without the aid of human priests.
  4. Believer's Baptism - Baptism is only for believers and the mode is immersion, as taught in the New Testament.
  5. Regenerate Church Membership - Church membership is only for baptized believers.
  6. Separation of Church and State - The state should protect all religious groups, but favor none.
  7. Religious Freedom - Every person is responsible only to God for his religious beliefs and practices; he therefore has the right to worship God as his own convictions and conscience dictate.
  8. The Autonomy of the Local Church - Our church is self-governing, choosing its own pastor and managing its own affairs.
  9. The Evangelization of the World - We take seriously the Great Commission of Christ. Therefore we endeavor to win people to Him at home and abroad.

Vision Statement

Shiloh Baptist Church will glorify and worship the Lord through love, discipleship, and service to others.  (Colossians 3:12-17)

Mission Statement

Shiloh Baptist Church glorifies God by:



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